10 Best Electric Shaver for Men 2018 – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

10 Best Electric Shaver for Men 2018

10 Best Electric Shaver for Men 2018 – Finding the correct electric razor ought to be simple and straight-forward. There are various electronic things for your regular day to day existence organization. We have electronic shavers with their features. Along these lines, we should read the article underneath which are the best shavers that gives you honest to goodness look according to you.

All things considered, getting a nearby and agreeable shave, ideally without spending a huge amount of cash, sounds like an exceptionally sensible desire. Be that as it may, choosing a decent electric shaver is by all accounts anything other than basic. This post intends to change all that by reclassifying the way we approach this issue. Unequivocally, we’ll begin with you the client and get to the genuine razors from that point.

As I would see it this is what’s on a very basic level amiss with every one of the gatherings of the purported best shavers we see manifest everywhere throughout the web: they just enigmatically represent the client and his needs.

Picking Electric Shave is Extremely Confounding!

Picking Electric Shave is Extremely Confounding!

Intermittently the model names have neither rhyme nor reason, the producer doesn’t attempt to exhibit the contrasts between the razors in a specific line and numerous audit destinations are loaded with clashing or poor data.

We infrequently observe refreshes being taken off with no sign of how huge they are or if the more seasoned shavers still speak to a suitable alternative. There are situations where the new models are simply a restorative makeover; however there are likewise times when a shaver is a totally new item, utilizing essential changes that will affect the real execution.

10 Best Electric Shaver for Men 2018 –

1. Braun Electric Shaver, Series 7 7865cc : High Grade shaving machine

A German-based electric shaver that consolidates a sonic and auto-detecting innovation that permits capable shaving with 10,000 miniaturized scale vibrations rates every moment. It has 8-course shape capacity to reach through touchy territories amid shaving. The leader of the razor comprises of 4 shaving components, only 3 cutters and 1 skin monitor for profound and smooth hair catch. The primary interface and body of the shaver are metal dark or silver completed with elastic supplements streamlined into its sides. This 8-ounce shaver consolidates a power catch, LED marker lights, and two side catches for control alterations.

Braun Electric Shaver, Series 7 7865cc

Features of Braun Series 7 7865cc

  • High-Grade Shaving Mechanisms: This gadget is considered with the savvy sonic and auto sense innovation with a versatile engine that catches 10,000 smaller scale vibrations in each stroke of the shaver. The shaver head is 8-directional for wide-calculated shaving which is successful in trimming little and long hairs.
  • Intuitive Design and Robustly Made Body: This straight razor is for the most part plastic made and silver chrome plated fusing a cutting edge configuration to suit clients. The handle is very massive streamlined with elastic supplements.
  • Flexible Operation: With the majority of the advancement and innovation it joins, this gadget is very flexible in use. It could be utilized on dry or wet shaving through froths, gel, or even water.
  • Easy to Clean: Cleaning is exceedingly natural with its two cleaning alternatives. Since its body is waterproof, you could clean the gadget physically by running water. This gadget continues until 5m of submerging water. Another alternative for cleaning is the computerized mode.


  • High-controlled shaving execution
  • Sturdy body and extraordinary plan
  • User-accommodating interface
  • Easy to clean
  • Versatile shaving
  • Best for delicate skins


  • Expensive cost of the gadget itself and the new parts

2. Braun Series 9 9290CC Review: The Best Shaver for the Grooming Conscious Male

Making a beard is as vital as brush the teeth for any prepping mindful man however getting the faultless clean shave look remnant an inaccessible dream for some individuals. In the same way as other of your companions and associates, you must have wound up getting razor consumes and penetrate on your jaw and neck at times. A breaking down blade not just provides you such disturbances; its use can damage your preparing and appearance. Along these lines, you need to select an electric razor for individual utilization with most extreme care.

Braun Series 9 9290CC

Features that Says Yes to Braun Series 9 9290CC

Simple shaving short irritation the rubber treated finished grasp territories on its body guarantees it doesn’t slip and fall effortlessly. This is really the case with most Braun models.

  • Waterproof-Unlike a few people who are in part waterproof or sprinkle verification, the Braun 9290CC is completely waterproof.
  • Long run time and short energize time-The shaver gets completely charged in one hour which is noteworthy in our perspectives. At that point you can utilize it for 50 minutes.
  • Multi-directional shaving head-Its adaptable shaving head can be balanced in 10 ways, consequently enabling the go to trim whiskers and facial hair effectively.
  • charge and clean site dock-This is something you don’t get in numerous contending shavers. The dock is brilliant yet the downside is that the shaver head ought to be free of froth or dribbling water for it to fill in as wanted.

Upsides and Downsides of Braun 9290CC Foil Shaver


  • Completely waterproof gadget perfect for use under showers as well.
  • Programmed cleaning station that additionally charges the gadget and greases up it.
  • Syncrosonic innovation naturally modifies control yield in view of whiskers write.
  • 4 isolate cutting components with 1 skin monitor.
  • Fast charge highlight takes a hour to completely charge the shaver.
  • Long battery life-up to 50 minutes.
  • Helpful convey pocket perfect for movement needs.
  • Adaptable shaving guarantees shaving head acclimates to confront form and bends well.
  • Helpful Led show.
  • Travel bolts a valuable component.


  • Huge make a beeline for achieve territory under the nose.
  • Manual cleaning is repetitive.

3. Braun Series 9 9090cc Electric Shaver Review : Best Mechanism for Syncrosonic Technology

From shark’s teeth to stone blades, men have dependably been in scan for an apparatus that can give them a decent shaving knowledge. The interest to locate that flawless shaving instrument took an incredible jump with the creation of present day electric razors. Also, the Braun Series 9-9095cc Men’s Wet/Dry Shaver is one of those driving shavers that are energizing this difference in conviction. With my own involvement with this shaver, I have chosen to compose my own particular Braun Series 9-9095cc survey.

Braun Series 9 9090cc Electric Shaver

Key Features

Syncrosonic Technology

It permits Braun Series 9-9095cc to have 10,000 miniaturized scale vibrations for each moment. It can convey astonishing 40,000 cross-area trimming strokes in a moment by perusing your face and the whiskers thickness to trim more hair. The amazing velocity of this shaver guarantees that your shaving comes about are close and perfect, and the aggregate time required to finish your shave isn’t in excess of a couple of minutes.

Fourfold Action Cutting System:

This current shaver’s head contains 4 specific cutting components that work in total synchronization to give you the most ideal shave. Every one of these components has an alternate capacity to perform with the goal that you don’t need to put in any additional endeavors to shave on any piece of your face and neck.

  • OptiFoil: These cutting components assume the most vital part to give you the nearby shave you appreciate with this shaver. The sharp edges of Braun Series 9-9095cc are secured with a thwart sheet to keep the cutting edges from reaching the skin. Beside forestalling cuts and scratches that are exceptionally regular in manual razors, this innovation likewise enables the shaver to coast effortlessly finished the forms of your face.
  • HyperLift&Cut Trimmer: This choice trimming component first lifts the level lying hair on your skin and after that trims it
  • Direct Cut Trimmer: This innovation helps get hair that develops in different ways for powerful trimming.

Appealing appearance

The general appearance of Braun Series 9-9095cc is very satisfying to the eye. This cordless shaver has an appealing and smooth plan, and accompanies a dark and dim cleaning unit and also a charcoal packaging. It likewise includes a blue-hued LCD pointer and a round power on/off catch. This ergonomic model is agreeable and simple to snatch all through the entire shaving session. I’d wouldn’t fret saying that I appreciate each snapshot of utilizing this stunning Braun shaver.

LCD Display

With this shaver, I never need to stress over on the off chance that it has enough charge to finish a shave since the LCD show demonstrates to me the measure of charge staying in the battery. The show additionally has two different pointers; a cleaning marker to know when it requires a clean and the movement bolt with the goal that it doesn’t control itself on when put in your satchel while voyaging.


  • Feels premium and well manufactured
  • Well adjusted shaver and keen outline
  • Wet and Dry shave proficient
  • Long enduring battery. Up to a month on a solitary charge
  • Cleaning dock makes it simple to clean
  • Locking head for simple shaving of neck territory
  • Easy to move over the face
  • Very close and happy with shaving knowledge
  • Great for delicate skin
  • Fast shave


  • It is costly
  • Not awesome for shaving with froth or cream
  • Power connector link a bit too short

4. Braun Series 7 740s: Intercept Hairs Easily with Diverse Process

This product is very ease to utilize, regardless of whether you’re fresher to utilize or experienced, and it accompanies three methods of trim: Intensive Mode, Extra Sensitive Mode, and Normal Mode. Utilizing these modes is as basic as squeezing the two catches on the part of the switch named ON/OFF. The relevance, which is a punctured thwart Braun generally uses people who shave, has hexagonal openings, which are better than round gaps.

Braun Series 7 740s

Braun Series 7 740s Pros

The following are the absolute most essential highlights worth saying in a Braun Series 7 740s survey. These incorporate the three customized process, long battery life, ergonomic plan, Active Lift framework, and that’s just the beginning.

  • Three diverse shave process. The Braun Series 7 740s has three distinctive shave processes to look over. You can settle on the Intensive mode, which completely shaves your hair.
  • Long battery life. Charging the trimmer for around a hour can surrender you to 50 minutes of shaving time.
  • Ergonomic form and stylish. The trimmer are weighty in estimate, yet it’s agreeable to hold and use, as it adjusts to the forms of your face.
  • Clever Active Lift framework. This innovation battles the issue of parallel hair development by being furnished with a center trimmer, which is an opening of thwart that lifts and trims your hair to measure.
  • Pulmonic vibration innovation. For a clean face, the Braun Series 7 740s utilizations small scale tremor that happen 10,000 every moment.
  • Wet and dry shaving. Regardless of on the off chance that you utilize shaving cream or not, this razor is valuable, since it works for either wet or dry shaving, without influencing the razor’s execution.


While this trimmer has essential advantages, there is some small concern that a few clients may experience too. The following are probably the most well-known issues among clients.

  • Can’t utilize while connected to. Lamentably, the shaver can’t be utilized while it’s been It is generally for security aspiration, for the item may get warm in your grasp.
  • Construct quality. The assemble nature of the Braun trimmer are doubtful, for the development is very much planned, while other quality must be moved forward. Contrasted with trimmer from brands like Panasonic, the presence might be somewhat less alluring.
  • Hair versatility takes a while. The guidelines for this gadget say that it takes three to a month for your facial hair to adjust to utilizing this shaver, particularly for those with thick whiskers.

5. Philips Norelco 1250X40 SensoTouch 3D Review: Designed to provide clean and close shave

The ergonomic plan with side-holds is the primary thing that you’ll see about this shaver. It is light in weight and sits immovably in your grasp while you shave. I particularly like the grasps as they enable me to shave while washing up. It is totally waterproof and along these lines, water can’t go into this current shaver’s body.

Philips Norelco 1250X40 SensoTouch 3D

The Philips Norelco Electric Shaver has an effective engine in the 10 best electric shaver for men 2018 that doesn’t make in excess of a murmuring sound. Contrasting with other electric shavers, I can think about it as tranquil. This shaver moves easily on each piece of my face and neck. Regardless of to what extent my facial hair is, it conveys outstanding outcomes each and every time.

Key Features

  • Gyro Flex 3D : This Philips Norelco Shaver accompanies an inventive Gyro Flex 3D Technology which enables the leader of this shaver to naturally acclimate to the state of your face to guarantee a happy with shaving knowledge. A solitary stroke on any piece of the face is sufficient to furnish you with the same brilliant outcome unfailingly.
  • Ultra Track Head : The leader of this rotating shaver is intended to get the greatest number of hair in each and every stroke with three separate shaving tracks. It has long channels if the hair is long, openings in the event that it is frail, and gaps if it’s only a recently developed stubble.
  • Lift and Cut Technology: The licensed Lift and Cut Technology makes it a standout amongst other electric shavers from Philips. Most men have a similar objection that the electric shavers can’t discover the level laying hairs on the neck and jawline. In any case, with the Lift and Cut Technology, this shaver can without much of a stretch lift the lying hairs and trim them in a solitary stroke.
  • Skin Glide: The leader of this shaver has a Skin Glide surface which enables it to move easily on any piece of your face without creating any sort of aggravation or pulling or pulling of hair.


Amazingly Close Shave: While I’ve utilized numerous different shavers also, the closeness offered by this shaver is exceptionally noteworthy. I used to run different shavers 2-3 times on the difficult to-achieve facial parts, similar to the neck and jaw line. However, the Norelco 1250X/40 gives the best outcome with a solitary stroke.

To a great degree Quiet: Despite the fact that the shaver has an effective engine, it scarcely makes any stable when you shave. A portion of the electrical shavers I have utilized as a part of the past were not as effective as this one and still used to make enough commotion to awaken my relatives.

Battery Display: As I get a kick out of the chance to give my shaver an entire charge, the LED battery show comes in extremely helpful to know the correct measure of charge left in the shaver.

100% Waterproof: As specified above, I get a kick out of the chance to shave when I scrub down and its waterproof fabricated guarantees that the shaver will remain safe in a wet domain too. Despite the fact that I by and large incline toward dry shaving, I jump at the chance to appreciate a wet shave with this shaver now and then; and it works entirely well as well.

Extraordinary for Grooming Mustache: I get a kick out of the chance to play with my facial hairs and I continue changing their look once in a while. For improved accommodation, I utilize the exactness trimmer of this shaver that completes an outstanding activity of molding my mustache.

Can be utilized for Shaving Head and Chest Hairs: The intense sharp edges of this shaver enable you to trim coarse hairs from the chest and head also. It is as smooth and easy on these spots as it is on the face.


Hard to Carry: I travel a ton and love to convey my shaver while voyaging. Be that as it may, this present shaver’s string can’t be specifically connected to the shaver for charging. It must be charged through the charging station. Thus, I need to convey the charging station wherever I go. I would have particularly valued in the event that it could charge straightforwardly through the line.

New Parts are Expensive: While my Philips Norelco 1250X/40 has been working perfectly, a portion of the surveys on this electric razor proposes that its new parts are costly. This isn’t an issue at all as the worked of this shaver is very tough and it will clearly work with no issues for quite a while.

6. Panasonic ES8103S Arc3: Dry and Non Dry shaving Capability

Panasonic’s ES8103S men’s wet/dry launder able electric shaver has a three sharp edge shaving framework to empower greatest closeness, while the adaptable, rotating head guarantees usability on the most troublesome parts of the facial hair. The 30-degree-edge sharp edges are intended to trim hair comfortable base for close and exact trimming. It includes a quick; direct engine to diminish the pulling and pulling that are the drawback of other, slower shavers, and which keeps on working cordlessly at ideal proficiency up until the finish of the charge.

Panasonic ES8103S Arc3

Features of the item

  • Durable, sharp, stainless steel cutting edges and thwart – for a nearby shave
  • Adjustable rotating shaving head – takes after the forms of the face effectively and exactly, taking into account most extreme solace while shaving
  • Fast, 13,000 RPM engine – gives ideal power directly through to end of battery charge to give a decent, steady shave
  • Wet or dry – can be utilized as a part of or out of the shower
  • Pop-up trimmer – perfect for accuracy trimming around zones, for example, facial hair, mustache and sideburns.
  • LCD Display – battery status and charge pointer
  • Travel Lock Switch-bolt catch
  • Travel Pouch/Case – perfect for giving insurance when voyaging
  • Rechargeable Lithium-particle battery
  • Automatic Universal Dual Voltage (100-240V) – helpful when voyaging globally.


  • Cordless activity
  • Use with shaving gel/froth
  • Trimmer
  • Inexpensive
  • Cleaning Mode
  • Pivoting Head
  • LCD Display
  • Dual voltage


  • Cost of Replacement Parts
  • No Replacement Power Cord

7. Remington F5-5800 Foil Shaver: Corded and Non Corded Capability Provide Flexibility

The thing that got my attention about this is the Interceptor Shaving Technology of Remington f5 5800. Essentially it has a worked in trimmer in the middle of the two thwarts that will trim hair longer than stubble to stubble length. Each and every other thwart shaver and even rotational shaver I took a gander at did not have this element. What’s more, even my stylist revealed to me that with electric shavers you truly need to not give the hair a chance to get longer than stubble or else they won’t work.

Remington F5-5800 Foil Shaver

Points of interest

  • Turn and Flex Technology: Remington’s Pivot and Flex Technology allows each shaver thwart to flex severally, along these lines it modifies completely to the curving surfaces of any face. This is great plan for some difficult to bargain region like neck, jam.
  • Simple to Clean: What you require is simply to put the shaver under running water and it can do superbly clean employment. it’s 100% launder able so you don’t have to stress over it. This spare you a ton of cash to pay for the costly auto clean framework that you don’t generally require.
  • Fly Up Detail Trimmer: you may have some long hairs need to evacuate, so you would be advised to give it with a trimmer right off the bat before shaving. What’s more, somebody may favor sideburns or other bear style, so the popup trimmer can do this effortlessly and decisively.
  • Rechargeable Battery: The Remington F5 brags a hour long conductor battery existence with each charge and furthermore the advantageous precious stone rectifier indicate guarantees you’ll sharpness a considerable measure of energy is remaining.


Short, snappy charge not sufficient dependably

Great tips on the most proficient method to utilize Remington f5 5800 adequately

  • Don’t utilize a considerable measure of weight when shaving.
  • DO NOT go in circles or quick. Utilize think sort of moderate straight back-forward up/drawback to side movements. This thing has a rotate head that changes with the forms of your jawline and neck. Subsequent to utilizing for a tad you will see a sound distinction when it is really trimming versus going over smooth hair free skin
  • Make beyond any doubt your skin is spotless and totally dry and not slick
  • Make beyond any doubt you clean after each utilization. This holds the razors under the thwart ready to cut like a customary razor
  • For incomparable outcomes utilize day and night. I for one, utilize it during the evening just yet my companion who I prescribed this to has facial hair that develops to a great degree quick so he needs to utilize it all the more however is still child smooth and knock free like me.

8. Philips Norelco Shaver 4500: Makes Shaving More Comfortable 

Philips Norelco shaver 4500 is intended for wet and dry utilize, the shaver once in the past called “control touch” gives a perfect and agreeable shave while ensuring the skin.

It includes an adaptable head and adjustable shave settings to give a perfect, careful and agreeable shave for some skin and facial hair composes. Most commentators say the Philips Norelco The remote shaver’s shrewd rotate head devotees the form of the face and neck.

Philips Norelco Shaver 4500


Nearness of aquatec seal – Philips Norelco shaver 4500 gives you a chance to shave at any rate you need. The aquatec seal gives the alternative of either a dry shave or a reviving wet shave with or without shaving powder or shaving cream.

Convenience – it is exceptionally incredible close by and simple utilize, the client can make utilization of it whenever and anyplace. The body of the shaver is all around intended to be anything but difficult to utilize and convey with the shaving head tilted somewhat internal.

Philips Norelco shaver 4500 lifts hair to trim beneath skin level – Heads naturally change in accordance with each bend of the face and neck to decrease skin bothering. The low contact heads are adjusted to secure the skin, Philips Norelco shaver 4500 accompanies protected super lift and trim double activity sharp edges that lift hairs.

Remote – One hour energize gives to 50 minutes of remote utilize, appreciate accommodation cordless use at home, working spot or inside the auto.

Double exactness shaving frameworks – Philip Norelco shaver 4500 is intended to shave both longer hairs and shorter ones.

Fly up trimmer for mustache – The fly up trimmer finishes the facial hair preparing schedule. The trimmer is chiefly for mustaches, goatees and the sky is the limit from there.


  • Long enduring sharp edges
  • Gives you bothering free shaves
  • It is anything but difficult to clean
  • It is lightweight
  • You can utilize it outside your home since it is remote
  • Ideal for intense facial hair and mustache
  • You can use for both wet and dry shave


  • Does not accompany a pocket where you can put it when voyaging
  • You can’t utilize it while charging

9. Panasonic ES-LV95-S Arc5: This Shaver has a Fast and High-Efficiency

The Panasonic ES-LV95-S Arc5 Shaver one of the freshest and best thwart shavers from the Panasonic imaginative ES shaver ranges. Be that as it may, not at all like the Panasonic thwart shavers we have looked into in the past, for example, the Panasonic ES-LA63-S Arc4, this shaver has more quick witted highlights including new thwart innovation.

Panasonic ES-LV95-S Arc5:

Features of This Creature 5 Sharp Edge Shaver:

  • Features an industry initial 5-cutting edge shaving framework in an electric razor
  • Precision Nanotech cutting edges calculated at around 30 degrees give you a nearby shave
  • Pivoting head gives you adaptability when shaving inconvenience spots like the jaw and neck zone
  • Powering this razor is a superior straight engine that conveys 14,000 cuts for each moment or around 70,000 cross-cutting activities for the 5 sharp edges
  • Has a fly up trimmer that assistance you shape the sideburn and goatee territory
  • Compatible for wet and dry shaving
  • LCD show
  • Cleaning station profound cleans and charges this in the meantime 


  • The 5-sharp edge framework gives you a nearby shave
  • Cheaper than a Braun arrangement 9
  • Gives you the adaptability to shave wet or dry contingent upon your inclination
  • Powerful engine


  • Navigating this razor in tight zones like the mustache or button zone can be dubious with the huge head
  • Can make bothering men with touchy skin
  • Shorter running time
  • Noisier than a Braun

10. Wahl Professional 8061-100: Easier to Trim Around Side Burns

Loads of individuals are utilizing this awesome shaver to shave their facial hair. This is extraordinary compared to other rechargeable shavers that you have never utilized. The edges are sharp so it will give clean shave and it won’t leave any razor cuts all over.

Wahl Professional 8061-100

Features of the Wahl Professional 8061-100 5-star Series Rechargeable Shaver Shaper:

Elegant plan: This is a rechargeable shaver that highlights a rich outline and furthermore simple to deal with. It won’t slip while you’re shaving.

Comfort: It’s helpful to use in two unique modes that are both corded and cordless mode.

Performance: This is highlighted with the great thwart to offer you a perfect and flawless shave and afterward it will keep going for over 2 weeks.

Great shave: This is a pleasant preparing apparatus which offers a nearby shave with no knocks.


  • It can be utilized as a string and cordless shaver.
  • It’s incredible for touchy skin.
  • This shaver is very cheap to purchase.


  • The execution of this shaver will be low following 2 months.



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